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Household is geomantic with decorate

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8, smallpox design is a square sunken into model advocate injury gas, disease.

9, smallpox design is overspread for chicken model, be enraged to build shade to shut and advocate medicinal powder money.

10, smallpox design is square medium or Changfangzhong, the belt is stereo circle. Leading role is shot, medicinal powder gas, medicinal powder money.

11, smallpox design takes plum pattern for Changfangzhong, advocate enrage and come loose money.

12, smallpox design is long square lozenge, leading role is strong shoot, medicinal powder gas, estrangement, advocate disease.

13, smallpox design is dual role model, advocate medicinal powder gas, estrangement, disease.

14, smallpox design is shot to grow square horn model, advocate enrage and the calamity of hematic light comes loose money.

15, smallpox design is added for planar Changfangzhong carry bier Liang Xing, advocate medicinal powder money, disease and easy hair harm, produce a disease.

Above design is pure beg the United States, do not accord with balance and counteract a principle, do not accord with that is to say geomantic. The author is engaged in geomantic decorate10 years, the smallpox design that collects many geomantic person of the same trades designs nearly 100, show an adduce 16, consult for everybody, no more than is to hope big sky avoids to appear the defect on afore-mentioned designs, advocate building stylist and indoor stylist to want to know geomantic knowledge, have profit to client and oneself so.

E, colour and indoor and geomantic

In actual life, colour is flowery profusion, stop red, yellow, Lasan is unbleached, and included overall quality, after light is absorbed, the black that presents and white (colorless) . So, the substance that represents according to place of the five elements will choose unripe, the color that evasive photograph overcomes, in geomantic learn theoretic have sufficient reason.

Indoor those who decorate use color to also affect the house is geomantic, the Chinese is the most auspicious color with red, show warm, happy, lucky, strength.

Yellow is light, high authority, long life is indicative. The mass-tone attune that the dress in the Imperial Palace and palace decorate is used golden color and vermeil in order to represent nobility and authority. Orange yellow delegate is divine, the cassock of yellow of the orange on bonze tradition, those who represented buddhism is sovereign.
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