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Household is geomantic with decorate

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3, stair

Stair is the passageway of the building, can make gas is connected from first floor 2 buildings or 3 buildings. Stair of gas of stair one's duty and outside gas stair. Inside discharge stair is auspicious, stair is enraged outside ominous. Gas stair and door photograph are carried on the back inside, after the person takes the door, pass pursue a new course, can go upstairs ladder. Stair is enraged to see stair into the door outside, stair and door are opposite or slanting is to symbolize ill-fatedly. Additional of stair layer rank also is auspicious with odd number, be like seventeen rank, 19 rank. Even numbers is fierce, be like 8 rank, 12 rank. If the house is bigger, the elegant hemicycle stair in the sitting room is best design. Gyroidal stair also is best arrangement in the shop. Because make a living,gas, auspicious gas presses gyroidal motion.

Modern market average uses ladder type elevator to carry a guest, and the stair that be not set or sets be issued to lower levels less. This also is geomantic meaning. Symbolize be more than piece. Exchequer billow and into. The too low ceiling on same stair and dim lamplight are ominous also, make the person feels asphyxial with uneasiness. Improvement way: Can go up in the ceiling mirror of pensile one side, strengthen lamplight brightness.

4, housetop smallpox

If the design appearance of housetop smallpox chooses bad to also can be brought ill-fated with bad result, current, design of design of the smallpox in be being decorated indoors appeared pure beg the United States, request complex and stereo move, and the phenomenon of careless design. Make gas drives a balance. If square, long, inclined, pointed, horn, circle is combined at will, it is complex very. These are not to close breathe out geomantic requirement. Below illustrate:

1, &bsp; smallpox design is a rectangle, part of body having a bit is shot, advocate the injury is angry, caustic money.

2, the banner of &bsp; smallpox design, horn shoots a person to hurt morale.

3, smallpox design is built to grow Fang Shuang model, advocate fierce disaster and caustic money.

4, smallpox design is ensign model, advocate the injury is angry, medicinal powder money, caustic man.

5, smallpox design grows a needle for three-layer model advocate medicinal powder smooth traffic accident of money, blood.

6, long square an internal angle takes smallpox pattern straight model, advocate of coffin of the calamity of light of traffic accident, blood, person.

7, smallpox design grows square double deck model advocate injury gas and suffer unexpected personal financial losses.
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