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Household is geomantic with decorate

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Additional, overlap and two parallel doors should avoid. Two doors are in centrally same axes is opposite, a door compares another door also is bad design greatly relatively. Good least of all case is two doors opposite, and the design has discrepancy a bit, if slant left or slant right, on the high side or on the low side. This kind of door is like a knife, make gas lopsided, ancient person bites door " for " photograph. Can make family often produces brawl, the most dangerous door is inclined door, it can make house-owner person produces inconceivable accident. (inclined wall, cant beam also is the same as) .

The amount of the amount of the window and door should harmonious, already used quite when a window when, 3 or the window of 3 above, can make domestic interior generation garrulous much tongue. Remedy a window too much too old law, a windmill or wind-bell are hanged on door top. Additional, also can divide large window into fine style or outfit to be with single block glass auspicious. If have nothing to do with the door, the window is OK and largish.

2, liang Yuchuan

Indoor too low Liang Hechuan, cloggy and flourishing with development, the attention answers when the design. Liang Guo is low overmuch not only can oppressive gas, and the meeting is cloggy and indoor angry current. Additional, the seat that bridge controls, discretion, dimension, material, appearance, quality of a material, come to indoor good or ill luck close it is important to have. If there is bridge on the gate, or go up in the bed, on dining table, on the desk, there is bridge on cooking range, the meeting is oppressive the energy of life with be sent indoor and normal. The beam on the bed is pressed in the head is the reason that often has a headache; The beam that is pressed on abdomen is the account that produces gastric ulcer, backache and indigestion; If crossbeam is pressed in sufficient ministry, also can make sufficient ministry is injured.

Additional, crossbeam is pressed on the desk, can make person intelligence drops; Press on table, can make money carry suffers lose on cooking range, do not arrange on the career. Help: Removed the bed that is put below crossbeam, cooking range, mensal, desk, firecracker of a string of craft can be hanged on crossbeam, or pensile 2 holes desolate, or one side is hanged in sky too extremely lens.

Anyhow, besides bridge pressing, room any prominent place and thing are right geomantic and harmful. Be like the house part of form of indoor and acerb knife, cross long stair armrest, acute angle bars lever, also can harm indoor and normal energy of life.

The help of acerb house part, plant of sex of a tendril is put in house part, or one side mirror is hanged on the edge, be like conditional but circle of will acerb instead.

The way that too long armrest improves is very simple, curium it short went.

Have acute angle in barring lever can be being decorated, with material the bag is in in, OK. Proper way is change acute angle round character.
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