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Household is geomantic with decorate

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Additional, the housetop of leakage rain also wants seasonable rehabilitate, otherwise, with respect to a word in ballad of the countryman in answering: "Common people has 3 to be afraid of: " of leakage room, broken boiler, ill wife. Also be ominous. Leakage room, destroy the energy of life of indoor balance easily.

Anyhow, a house, always by arrive newly old. The Chinese of new horse of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, little criterion 3 to 5 years many criterion 7 decorate the residence to 8 years; It is " of " add gas. Treat a disease as giving a patient and recuperate. They believe such meetings bring lucky energy of life.

C, furniture is decorated with geomantic

Different furniture is decorated, can give a person distinct impression. If overmuch furniture is decorated, can make the person produces a kind of oppressive feeling, if colleague be discouraged is same. And a few furniture is decorated, piece can feel empty to the person swing without according to. And furniture is reasonable and tie-in, layout is proper, give a person the sense of a kind of easiness.

The ancients thinks, a good furniture position, can make lopsided room achieves a balance. Make enrage current free thereby, change the lot of habitant. What kind of furniture layout is correct? The author thinks:

One, furniture begin should suit with the scale of room size, not in order to pass big or too small.

2, the colour of furniture must take neuter, avoid chill, lack vitality otherwise. Additional, also want be identical of as tonal as interior decoration photograph.

3, all sorts of furniture have a space indoors, cannot exceed 50% , what can enrage normally inside influence house otherwise is current.

4, furniture should use electropositive woodiness as far as possible, do not tear open put old timber to make with old building furniture. Should not make furniture with old coffin more.

5, the bed in furniture should put the Ji Fang in everybody. Cannot put in disorder. Secretary also should be put in Wen Chang. This are in other is paragraphic in had introduced.

D, indoor and undesirable structure and geomantic improve

One, the door and window

The door and window are the passageway of angry discrepancy, in geomantic learn to go up say " enrages buccal " , ancient time is geomantic learn to think: "Gas mouth is like door " of the person. Its size should be coordinated with the dimensional photograph of whole house. Chinese geomantic ancient books is having strict regulation to the azimuth of the gate, appearance, dimension. The azimuth of the door, in principle and photograph of whole house azimuth are consistent, but sometimes for improvement geomantic, OK also and exceptional.

The too strong air current energy of life to person is adverse, pass to restrict air current fast, should avoid to be in same platoon has 3 or the door of 3 above or window, because door window is overmuch,with the river strong, road develops likeness, air current can make the residence is cut to be too by force two half, not only have to habitant and health damage and influence money carry, make domestic problem grow in quantity, down to causes estrangement.
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