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Household is geomantic with decorate

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Fleeting time is seamed explain, child, celestial bodies year, evil spirit sit south. God (include an ancestor) , mo An buy sits south northerly.

In be being decorated curtilage master, if ask to make divine table, want to notice the following:

Height of ⑴ mind table should use door meter, by underground the volume rises suit height, word extraction auspicious is with.

Length of ⑵ mind table by left rise to right amount, to suit length, word extraction auspicious is with.

Be apart from on ⑶ mind table, appropriate exceeds divine table height 2 are auspicious partly.

On ⑷ mind table cannot electrical wiring pole, horn of house inside and outside, post reachs the content with unpleasant a gleam of.

The fluorescent lamp before ⑸ mind table, appropriate is parallel.

⑹ mind table cannot prep above doorsill, " of calling " Heng Jian, advocate fierce.

6, the balcony

In modern city, the balcony is the place that absorbs life energy of life and sunlight. Of indicative person binocular with breath, the delegate is far look and breathe, want on the design far with free.

7, bathroom

Domestic happiness and symbolize faultlessly, represent abdomen, bowel, stomach, sexual organ, also representing health, designing a point is bed and strong, in the meantime, privacy sex is good. A lot of more current bath lavatory is same room, but want be particular about convenient sanitation.

8, toilet

The Chinese thinks of the body fecal (blood of relieve oneself, sweat, seminal, classics) all take the place of the vigour of somebody, should arrange on the design with be filled with. And want sanitation of be particular about, the most important avoid avoid is toilet and kitchen cannot face each other and kitchen back cannot be a toilet.

B, the interior of old house is reparative with geomantic

The Chinese presses traditional demand, to old building 30 years small repair, heavy repair 60 years, the name enrages " for " add. Those who see a house is reparative to gas current be being balanced with yin and yang is very important. Be like the door window of damaged; Disrepair and mixed and disorderly sitting room and bedroom: The block conduit of kitchen, bathroom, seem the patient's body, need cure.

The maintenance of the door and maintain all in all. The mouth of the door is indicative person advocate accept is angry. So, the door must be opened easily, reason door button must lube. Otherwise, house-owner person exerts all his strength open the door, close, and the skirl of door button, not only dispersive and indoor gas, the system that damages habitant even is angry. The door arrests two doors even mutual collision produces Zhi ah sound, these metropolises hurt gas and caustic money. Window room is like the person's nostril, what also can affect resident is healthy, also want seasonable rehabilitate. Otherwise door window year long the mouth that disrepair is like colleague and bazoo are sick and same, not be cold of catch a cold; It is buccal bazoo unripe sore. Habitant can feel uncomfortable.
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