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Household is geomantic with decorate

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22, What cany tree ought not to put to twine type more inside the residence is potted, although have quaint local color but be in geomantic on for evil spirit case, advocate of quarrel dispute boding. This kind of design avoids to order about when decorating.

23, Inside the residence or the Shan Shipan scene inside the room, unfavorable buy is in from (southern) the person that make is"Baked wheaten cake curtilage " . Advocate this residence is incidental fire. Decorate do should notice to avoid to put this position when scene.

24, When decorate, residential faucet, should install in following positions:

Na Zhengbei's residence, faucet should be installed in the third of the twelve Earthly Branches explain, Mao Chen position.

(2) Straightforward, second 2 azimuth, any residences here locally, cannot put faucet, otherwise easy be on fire and produce a disease.

(3) Sit southwest female the residence, cannot be in child with the last of the ten Heavenly Stems, place faucet. Go against otherwise curtilage master.

(4) Sit northwest residence, be in ugly. Cannot put faucet, otherwise in the home give an issue easily.

(5) the residence east, faucet of installation of Si square He Bingfang is optimal, can bring money luck.

(6) The residence of any azimuth, can be in faucet installation midday have profit to leaving generation offspring.

(7) Sit boreal residence, the tenth of the twelve Earthly Branches, Xin Erfang and Dingfang install juncture, make habitant produces a disease easily.

(8) The residence of any azimuth, shen Fang, Xun square, Qu square, can put faucet, auspicious.

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