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Household is geomantic with decorate

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13, Current, in building unit, small house is small room of the much look that it is a knife, when be being decorated accordingly, cannot bed, cooking range (secretary, put in blade locally, otherwise ominous) .

14, Some rooms are being decorated in, follow one's inclinations, form carry coffin house evil spirit case, this kind of pattern, advocate much disease, die by violence and caustic are fourth. Improvement way is house middle cross beam is changed, become fierce to be auspicious.

15, Some rural villatic houses, in the cabin that around sky builds among the top of the building, stay have stand, this plain evil spirit to carry litter house, advocate the family gives birth to chaos, miss the bus, curtilage master cannot complete in both respects, more incidental peach blossom robs and caustic money.

16, Some old buildings, especially bungalow, when decorate, open the door building forehead, be like"Coffin turns on the water case of " evil spirit, advocate enter coffin, medicinal powder money, much disease, caustic is fourth. Should avoid.

17, Some old houses by instead restaurant, form"Evil spirit case of " of 4 horizontal setting of types, the gas outside forming " of house of " dead door to cause is too heavy. Master Ding Xi is little, the disease is fascicular, come loose the disaccord in money and home. Ought to avoid.

18, When decorating, the cooking range in the kitchen, should install in wall edge, unfavorable sky swings at the back of cooking range, otherwise ill-fated.

19, When decorating villa, residential front door and back door, should arrange the place in 24 Shanchen Qu, the name says"Needle mouth half " advocate curtilage advocate macrobian.

20, Sit the kitchen south, kitchen is in"Male " (northwest square) , the name says " decreases door " , have the tendency of caustic cornstalk. The attention answers when decorating.

21, Sit southwest kitchen, kitchen is in two azimuth of the last of the twelve Earthly Branches, Ren (northwest slants north, north slants northwest) . What also have caustic children and grandchildren is boding. This kind of design should avoid to order about when decorating.
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