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Household is geomantic with decorate

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5, When decorating, can design the door 4 anything but opposite, this kind of pattern is geomantic go up shout curses door, advocate the estrangement inside messuage, dispute is much.

6, When decorating villa, want to avoid hollow design, hollow design is room and room intermediate clip sets a sitting room, advocate medicinal powder money, much disease, punishment injury.

7, Contemporary architect, when drawing office, because do not understand geomantic often show originality. Form bad situation, have the villatic house of a friend, ground of position of be placed in the middle and the face is elevatory one meter or so, dining-room, kitchen, toilet, bathroom all be in protuberant place, this kind of house is"In fierce house " , advocate money of disaster of the calamity of light of traffic accident, blood, disease. Ought to avoid.

8, The residence of some villatic residences and country, front door is direct and postern, for"See the " that wear house, advocate hematic light, medicinal powder person of money, traffic accident, caustic waits. When decorating, should notice to avoid.

9, Before some residences are designed smelly hind shut form, see into the door left and the right side have a bathroom, this room is"Before smelly hind shut shape structure " , advocate disease of make sb the first aim of attack, damage. Answer to be improved when decorate.

10, When some buildings are being designed, to raise rate giving a room, the room the design becomes courtyard entity, 4 and all be the residence, this kind curtilage form it is 4 times relatively"Bad smell is towering case of " evil spirit. The kitchen of the bed of the bedroom and kitchen can be put in anything but rely on courtyard be in. Otherwise talking around dispute, god-given and quiet.

11, Some decorates a company, when improving old building, 3 or so house of the residence, coherent in by cent; With in for the road. Form string of glyph structure, this kind of design advocate caustic person comes loose the estrangement in money, home, should avoid. This kind of evil spirit case also calls life and death parting house.

12, Some old houses because a variety of reasons, fashion boots look house. This kind of building can control angry normal flow. The toe position in boots look house cannot bring bed and kitchen range when be being decorated accordingly.
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