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Household is geomantic with decorate

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? " of Quot; day door, doesn't if come,water see headstream cry? Quot; opens " in the door; The " that water place to go calls ground door " , if do not see water, call " ground door shut " . Current is indicative money carry, the door opens money to come; The room closes a fund won't dried up. Ground door is shut is not to point to close gate, point to control however its rhythm, made Xu platoon goes.

Geomantic learn to still think, current represents money use already, so, it is in personnel of head of shop, office building, guesthouse, hotel inside big office, had better set closet, and current shoulds not be urgent, be like general manager of a company, ministry of closet migrate finance affairs next door, the business actually very good. He says: "Every time somebody comes when closet, come with respect to billow of token financial resources. Come with respect to billow of token financial resources..

G, residence is decorated in about geomantic appropriate and avoid

Building antediluvian today far apart, especially industry developeds today, mansion of building of the high buildings and large mansions in city, apartment, villatic, business, shop comparing all is, it is great difference really continuously; Exceed design modelling of the imagination is Protean, true it may be said is one? Quot; breaks through " . But no matter how be changed, its curtilage the principle of the photograph is unalterable, want to take seriously. Cannot break away from " geomantic learn principle " . Example does not accord with geomantic design namely below.

1, Ideal residence, enter indoor hind, feel sitting room and bedroom bounty are bright, without psychological pressure, can generate happy sentiment; When so the door is decorated, ought to leave in house to left or on the right side of, ought not to the inter opens the door.

2, The door inside the residence when decorating, cannot form"The person that taste glyph " to be resided otherwise has talking around dispute.

3, Primary instrument takes big and thick of bovine Mi target to protect glutinous of arrogate to oneself of abb of secondary Qu of Xi of Dong of Tuo of manganese of barren lofty male to beat with a stick inside the residence " gnaw.

4, Some old houses stay have crooked door and inclined wall, can fill with plasterboard of light steel keel smooth. Also can fill with curtain or other decorations for be economical additionally smooth. Otherwise ominous.
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