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Household is geomantic with decorate

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4, dining room

Dining room advocate besides health, the requirement is neat and uniform. Plant but preferential yellow rose, yellow carnation, Huang Suxin, give priority to with orange yellow, increase appetite, promote healthy.

5, the balcony

Should choose by sunshine condition match breed of flowers and plants of the four seasons, be like jasmine, chrysanthemum, Holand, Chinese flowering crabapple. Flower of passionflower, asparagus orchid, China pink, begonia, sun, Milan, sweet-scented osmanthus, crab orchid; When all sorts of flowers are put, should will electropositive stand by sunshine, put electronegatively in ever since, daylighting each is in his proper place.

6, gate

The gate is like pair of stair, can use certain herbaceous plants with big flowers of end of sword Xie Gong, fish. Palm bamboo is changed evil spirit. Put in strong point. If balcony window is right,have evil spirit energy of life again, usable cacti, rose, Yu Qilin is changed evil spirit, also but potted calabash is changed evil spirit.

Anyhow, layout of the afforest inside sky is undeserved, choose establish goods incorrect. Will give habitant career undesirable consequence. The plant can treat a disease, can move a heart to raise a gender, flourishing curtilage flourishing person, also can kill a person, homicide. The plant exists certainly"Field " . Ought to study further.

The problem of one indoor water talks again below

Current represents money use. Cannot decorate without water scene inside the residence, shop, restaurant, office building. The bibcock of fountain, lakelet, closet, cistern is water, namely money carry. Additionally water supply discharges water system all, also should do accord with geomantic arrangement. Geomantic division should collate decides water supply of water supply, catchment and the azimuth relation of this building. Be in like water supply source northwest, it is male (indicative in, father) , this building is in southwest, for female (indicative ground, mother) . Fountainhead namely of father humoral join the parent, yin and yang is harmonic, domestic happiness, big of course auspicious. Drainage system also presses direction of the Eight Diagrams, the indicative position that seeks both in order to decide good or ill luck. If both is not mixed and strong, the way that should seeking improvement or water supply master switch are in Jia Guxiang accord with to provide, or the azimuth that tries to transform fountainhead velocity of flow, pipeline. Rhythm of artificial and harmonious current. Be in geomantic in learning, water will be in call
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