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Household is geomantic with decorate

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AtBelow 1800 lux intensity of illumination, fall in 100 lux intensity of illumination even, can be in low grow, to be fond of shade plant. The mutual promotion and restraint between the five elements between normal plant is quite general, pine edge carries a grape, meeting not result; Grow in elm edge, writtening guarantee also is acerbity if really, pear emits ethylene substance; Reason cannot be put together with banana, otherwise banana can rot very quickly skin.

Person and plant also have concern of mutual promotion and restraint between the five elements. The Jin Ge that be like amaranth, Xi Shujiao, in the evening expiration carbon dioxide, of meeting and person oxygen is contended for in room celestial being; The odour that cordate telosma gives off, make indoor blood pressure is mixed high the person of heart disease, feel uncomfortable. These plants and person photograph are overcome. Bracketplant has filter air action, be born with person photograph, flourishing is changed curtilage evil spirit action. Indoor and OK put more. Additional, cactus plant? " of Yu Qilin of " of Quot; Long Qing, " also flourishing is changed curtilage evil spirit action. Still have the plant such as " of cuckoo of thorn of " rose " , " , can put indoors " declines a " and " are fierce a " . In geomantic go up to also have change evil spirit action.

The basis is geomantic the essential that learned requirement houseplant decoration produces person and plant phase adequately to be born, achieve person and plant harmony. Each place puts residential interior floral breed is as follows:

1, bedroom

Choose ball of cactus, celestial being, bracketplant, rose, tulip, late sweet king, lily, Feng Tilian, achieve halcyon, Ning Xiang, gentle result. Couple and beauty fall in fragrant flower, children is halcyon, easy fall asleep and rest very good.

2, sitting room

The sitting room should be paid attention to a few, can choose breed to be bamboo of lotus of pine of bamboo of riches and honour, a fabled abode of immortals, cacti, yew podocarpus, 7 leaves, palm, get rich brake of tree, gentleman orchid, ball orchid, orchid, sowbread, orange, mew, Long Xieshu, these plants are in geomantic in learning? The content " with auspicious Quot; , ke Jixiang flexibly, get together money grow stout.

3, study

The study should fill the air with fragrant book, the Wen Chang that the plant wants to be put in host. Can choose bamboo of Shan Zhuhua, asparagus, riches and honour, evergreen cane to wait. These plants can enhance thinking power of the person, advantageous study, also can put a Xie Cao Chang to enjoy some a key to do sth of peaceful magic power to prevent insomnious action on desk.
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