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Household is geomantic with decorate

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Contemporary and geomantic pay attention to gas most, because enrage not only affinity is worn good fortune of misfortune of good or ill luck, intelligent play, career success or failure, money carry good luck, and the relation is worn the family of everybody is happy, healthy. The ancients is much more macrobian and modern is short birthday. Some national population mean life are taller, and some are inferior, the reason is very much, geomantic environment is one of main reasons however.

Indoor and geomantic design and decorate, because concern with group profit everybody close, so, from the residence design optional location is decorated to construction decorate, should give whole journey the exam. A side is separated below, talk indoor the place in decorating encounters a few problems.

Interior design and geomantic

The building is like human body, indoor each place function is like human body each organs, all have metabolic effect. Gas must balance the ground indoors common ground is current, arrive from gate passageway the gas of bedroom, kitchen, study, sitting room, want smooth discrepancy. Especially the mouth that gate and window are a building and bazoo, make the gas outside room ben apart. The gas by of the gate is indoor the article such as part of door window, passageway, wall, screen, house, furniture, guide to each spaces. Next, the person that room celestial being lives, what just can achieve the air of healthy balance is alimentary. This kind is angry, cannot too strong, also cannot too weak, want moderate, in person, auspicious also.

Point of indoor and geomantic design is below

1, connubial bedroom

The person's lifetime has an in part is spend in the bedroom, reason bedroom is a family advocate acupuncture point, centre. Devising dominant idea is the spring of love. So advocate cadence should be comfortable halcyon, peace, , benefit at resting. Especially the emplacement of the bed should be put in Ji Fang, get angry namely, delay year, weather medical service, bend over 4 Ji Fang. On the west the person of 4 magnetic field, on the west, northwest, southwest, complementary northeastern: East person of 4 magnetic field, southeast, south, complementary square north, it is to bring bed good place.

2, study

The study is the place that read, it is domestic wisdom place, should pay attention to daylighting, drafty, advocate tone wants halcyon, desk azimuth wants article prosperous seat. Curtilage Xiang Qian humanitarian prosperous in position of all directions the tenth of the twelve Earthly Branches, age; Female humanitarian prosperous northeastward straightforward, ugly position: Straightforward humanitarian prosperous in position of southwest Fang Kun; Add humanitarian prosperous in northwest male Qu position; (above is on the west person of 4 magnetic field) .

Pit curtilage humanitarian prosperous in place of southeast Xun, time; From humanitarian prosperous in position of Oriental the fourth of the twelve Earthly Branches, armour; Shake humanitarian prosperous in position of southern midday, third: Xun humanitarian prosperous in position of boreal prescription, Ren. (above is east person of 4 magnetic field) . Geomantic learn to think: "Over star of ox of day room room, in the world advocate ascend " of division pass an imperial examination. Extent nature occupies Niu Xing's position, the life that is everybody square.
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