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The kitchen is geomantic

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"In relief curtilage 3 want " make clear the purpose from the very beginning, point out a gate, the azimuth good or ill luck of master room and kitchen, to a building geomantic have critical force.

The door, it is the road of discrepancy.

Master room, it is the place that host lives.

Kitchen, it is dietary place.

"In relief curtilage 3 should " think " kitchen cooking stove, raise the source of the life therefore, everythings on earth all is gotten by food " , this takes reason seriously very much kitchen cooking stove.

Hutch ground since is so important, talk about the appropriate avoid of kitchen cooking stove now so.

(one) kitchen cooking stove 12 abstain from

1, kitchen avoid is carried on the back curtilage retrorse

Kitchen avoid back is retrorse: Already of kitchen mouth and building sit to as it happens contrary, for example the building is to sit south northerly, and kitchen mouth is to sit boreal Xiang Na, ill-fated.

2, kitchen avoid knack rushs continuously

Kitchen avoid knack rushs continuously: In the geomantic idea of Chinese tradition, think kitchen cooking stove is one is boiled feed the point that raises a lot, reason this is unfavorable too expose, especially unsuited the gas outside be being taken those who come to introduce by knack place rushs continuously, otherwise in the home much loss, ancient books of this no less than is alleged: Open the door to kitchen, money cultivate much waste time.

3, avoid kitchen door is right kitchen

Kitchen door is bad to kitchen: Kitchen cooking stove is unfavorable expose, kitchen sees outside the gate, admittedly ill-fated, and see outside backstairs kitchen also shoulds not be.

4, avoid and toilet are opposite

Avoid and toilet are opposite: Cooking range is one boils the place that feed, reason here should pay attention to sanitation, meet otherwise get ill by the mouth, damage healthy, and the toilet hides a lot of contamination and bacterium, reason here is unfavorable draw near toilet, especially mouth cannot with from sit lavatory opposite.

5, avoid and door are opposite

Avoid and door are opposite: Kitchen cooking stove is to make a fire boil the place that feed, terribly is hot and dry, reason this is unfavorable be opposite with the door, be opposite otherwise the person in the room is adverse, the case that can have calamity ill haematemesis happens.

6, unfavorable press close to sleeps room

Unfavorable press close to sleeps room: Kitchen makes a fire hot, the lampblack that when be being fried because of decoct, produces is unsuited to human body, reason this cooking range to principal rooms door admittedly ill-fated, sleep especially of the room more unsuited.

7, hollowness of kitchen avoid backside

Hollowness of kitchen avoid backside: Kitchen appropriate backside relies on a wall, unfavorable hollowness, if backside is transparent glass also ill-fated, because of cloud of place of ancient books of this no less than: "Fan Zao, avoid window light shoots, advocate fierce. Advocate fierce..
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