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Commonly used mascot is tasted

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24, sofa
Sofa also is the essential thing in the home, the money in extending sand in the home, make family sits amid, induct wealth vital energy. Money the diagonal of optional gate, place sofa here most appropriate.
25, , chelonian
If you see the role having a tip opposite side before the window,shoot to you inside house, or somebody of the edifice opposite side hangs thing of true body of the Eight Diagrams, trident and so on, you can raise a crock of chelonian before the window (several also but) dissolve in order to make, the chelonian that if you do not love,feeds again, you can put a few red before the window or blue chelonian is furnished.
26, celebrity calligraphy and painting. Artist name is drawn. The name takes a picture film. Artistic photograph. Landscape photograph, it is to make each family is full of active. The life of the hope. But among them also contain is worn good fortune of countless misfortune of good or ill luck, the person that collect calligraphy and painting purposely, must notice, otherwise the element that a lot of people draw by Wu Zi, cause a lot of pained ailment to wait.

27, . Tiger: Tiger wall map is hanged in the home, the calamity of much blood light, especially tiger head is inward person big fierce, someone says fierce tiger has downhill power fierce, in fact, downhill abdomen hunger should hurt fierce tiger person, materiality has namely clever, it is time problem only just, once had looked to force the president in place country hangs tiger design inside the office, receive 2 teacher blood light blames even the happening of three illness, picture of tiger of a celebrity is hanged in having home of an official that visit government office again, size does not catch a cold, it is indescribable anguish really, improve after via reminding, the person that catch a cold in the home the following day gradually little, later hasten Wu Ping is installed, similar case, it is it is a long story really.
If have the tiger of woodcarving,also not be auspicious elephant, cause hematic light likewise easily, owe how, the person that make this mistake is very much also. The Hunan embroidery tiger with at present popular mainland, make the person produces uneasiness easily also, the thing of chaotic can follow, especially the tiger that celebrity place draws is more power fierce clinking, because celebrity already threw complete god, the tiger in the heart heals power fierce, heal easy and carried, the tiger that once had seen picture of a lot of celebrity is really feral and clinking, the affliction in home of the person that its opposite phenomenon is hanged namely unceasingly ah!
Since the tiger already entered the home, also necessarily its break the law of solution, become wasteful money namely otherwise, the loves a picture passion in the heart, abandon hard abandon hard, the law of will broken now solution narrates as follows slightly:
Tiger head absolutely cannot to house inside, should to house outside, or reach a rear to head of the tiger outside the gate, with a yuan of big red paper, stick above, time chooses at noon to be beautiful, read aloud by heart silent:  of Quan of bud of  of Tuo of Piao of meal of palm of spruce  of Yao of a loop for fastening a button of  of hoarse of  of bluff of regret of Chinese catalpa of to bring up of hoarse of ⑿ of Zhun of bucket of bracelet of Zhan of Pan of  of sole of crucian carp of beard of vent in the sides of a garment of  of raw meat or fish of An of  leg Fu investigate  of carboxyl of  of solid of steamed bun of a gathering of things or people of litter of Mei of fawn on of Li of  of Lu of the ⒄ that have an insatiable desire for Zhun?
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