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Commonly used mascot is tasted

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1, the windmill
The windmill this is same thing, be not China peculiar, also can see in other country, and Hong Kong has " the car is fair " , according to hearing very effective, and at the beginning of the first month of the lunar year when, a lot of people can go car fair temple does obeisance to a car fair, and car fair temple has a windmill, want windmill of roll of hand of credence of be apt to only, criterion the coming year certain good weather for the crops, money carry is enjoyed, healthy, besides the windmill of car fair temple, some people can buy a few windmills to come home put, in order to lose a year of new lot more successful, so the windmill is the delegate that enhances fortune.
2, 5 treasure animal
Original name of 5 treasure animal the five poisonous creatures, some people think the name is indelicate, reason instead " 5 treasure animal " . "5 treasure " what be?
It is generally speaking " tiger, spider, snake, scorpion, centipede, send " , among them 5 kinds of animals, nevertheless, can have a tiger anyhow, cooperate next other 4 kinds, "5 treasure animal " it is 5 kinds of animals the picture is in same a drawing go up or vulture is in same on jade article, action is purify foul disease is protected restful, monarch enrols noble except evil influence, so a lot of adults adorn for the child " admire of jade of 5 treasure animal " , use in order to make Kang Zhi of health care of exorcise evil spirits.
3, calabash
Calabash also is to use as divide disease with, before the berth of the person that hang in disease commonly or put in disease person sleep side, calabash can use finished product of insolation of natural calabash melon or copper to make calabash.
4, bibcock chelonian
In animal of Chinese numerous luck, bibcock chelonian is be known by everybody place among them animal of a kind of luck.
Chelonian of a bibcock is put on the desk, meet what get noble on the job give aid to, boss admires, working respect will be very so great, besides divinatory symbols of chelonian of Long Fanglong head is placed in the company, yi Ke is put again with be in the sitting room, work along both lines, bring out the best in each other.
5, phoenix
Phoenix also is known as beautiful lucky animal, even more beautiful than the peacock, this kind of drawing is hanged to represent easy action noble inside the bedroom.
6, vase
Of the vase " bottle " word and restful " smooth " word idea is same, because this puts the vase,be in household or company, have " smooth smooth An An " meaning, but those who need an attention is the position that does not put the vase in peach blossom, become the article that enrols peach blossom otherwise.
7, bamboo
Cultivate asparagus inside the vase, have " Zhu Baoping is installed " implication.
8, ancient money
What ancient money points to is the coin that place of the most prosperous 5 emperor period casts, 5 emperor point to: Suitable treat, Kang Xi, Yong Zheng, Qianlong, Jia Qing; suspension of 5 emperor ancient coin indoors or adorn go up in him body, will conduce to increase money use.
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