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Household is geomantic as no-no as colour

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Oriental benefit is gules

On the tradition, gules delegate is fond of gas, enthusiastic, bold enterprising. And in geomantic learn to go up, east is indicative also and young reach the spirit that is brave in to take a risk, put the furniture of a few red and adornment in east so, be like annatto condole act the role ofing, red carpet, can make family is full of enthusiasm, advantageous career and school work.

Southern benefit green

In geomantic learn to go up, southern dictate inspiration reachs gregarious capacity; Green has spirited idea. Green plant is set in south, besides adding the aesthetic feeling with green abundant meaning, also have openly catalysis to human relation.

Western benefit yellow

Yellow is used to all along delegate fortune, and the azimuth that the west is considered as dominant career and money carry, if put furniture decorations of yellow to be like citrine, can bring exuberant money energy of life, your career flies " yellow " Teng Da.

Northward benefit orange

Northward administer is worn husband and wife concerns, and orange has enthusiastic and bold and unrestrained meaning. Be like the word that thinks susceptibility of promotional husband and wife, can sleeping the north of the room places orange desk lamp, small carpet, pull pillow to wait, feeling of advantageous husband and wife.

Other position color supplement ︰

- northwest square white = promotes noble to carry

- southwest square dark brown / ashen department = increases energy of the stability in the home

- southwest square maize droplight = strengthens peach blossom to carry

︰ of other colour contraindication

1. Chaotic of day clear ground: The color of the ceiling should use the lightest color as far as possible, in the meantime, what the color of the floor also wants to compare the ceiling is deep. Otherwise, can make the person inside house works confused, take the branch for the root.

2. In China geomantic learn to go up, smallpox represents a day, the floor represents the ground, wall is representing a person. The color of wall should be between smallpox and floor, it is to should compare smallpox namely deep, more shallow than the floor, ability of such days, ground, person is amounted to to concordant.

3. Had better not do the mass-tone inside house with too much red or black, because too red or too black metropolis makes,the person works actuation extreme.